Brand Story

Kaan emerged as a personal creative project seeking an uncomplicated go-to bag that brings us around the city and beyond. A striped-down alternative that is non-leather, less technical, and simply timeless. After testing many protos we developed the perfect oversized size. A bag for the week and into the weekend, the Bucket Tote effortlessly simplifies the day-to-day, leaving more time to focus on the things that matter.


We aim to elevate our day-to-day by making our everyday look and feel effortless. We believe in conscious consumerism and authentic designs that offer longevity and function. Using classic and durable materials, we hope to offer long-term solutions for our daily routine.

Our Product

Durable, Easy-to-Clean, Versatile, Functional

Canvas has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio making it durable, lightweight, and easy-to-clean. Additionally our waterproof canvas resist signs of wear, further increasing the product lifespan.

The simple shape allows for maximum space, fitting everything from a water bottle, laptop, gym clothes, beach towel, groceries, to spontaneous purchases. Our Bucket Tote is designed to keep us equipped and ready to handle our needs as they come up.

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